Multi-purpose, modular storage units are designed and manufactured to suit a wide range of 2, 3, and 4-wheel road and off-road vehicles, boats, and airplanes. Virtually indestructible, even in the harshest environments, each unit is comprised of high-quality steel, resistant powder-coated finish, and unique rust proofing.



Racking Solutions

Robust, reliable and custom-designed racking solutions are developed for military field kitchens and outdoor field kitchens used for camping. Sturdy folding tables of varying sizes, conveyor belts, and a variety of all-purpose water tanks are weather-resistant and suitable for diverse outdoor use.



Domestic & Industrial Solutions

Innovative home storage units include an assortment of sturdy kitchen cabinets and drawers of varying shapes and dimensions. Industrial storage applications include portable and stationary work trolleys, countertops, coffee crates and other sturdy, uniquely-designed units made from high-quality steel.



Become a Partner

In an effort to expand its offering on a global scale, RIDGES’ solutions are distributed through a worldwide partner network. RIDGES’ exclusive Partner Program is dedicated to targeted marketing activities, customer service, and pre- and post-sales technical support, enabling our certified distributors to continuously grow their business. We are currently seeking to expand our distributor channels and are searching for new distributors to increase our offering in North America, Europe, and APAC.